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 +**Break a paw studios**
 +A dream of one of our late cultural advisers //Danny Burrows// **Break a paw studios** Is the first purveyor of the "​Interspecies ballet and opera" art form. The purpose of our 7 studios located around Northern america, France and Zimbabwe is to train both humans and animals to work in synchronization with each other and to perform beautiful shows for the public to enjoy for low, affordable prices. ​
 +Our Top Coaches are on hand to ensure no harm comes to the animals professionally trained to hit high notes and twirl on que. No Animal will perform any routines deemed physically straining or upsetting. As shown by our removal of one newly hired instructor who felt it was amusing to place a rottweiler in a tutu. We treat all of Gods animals with the respect they deserve as actors and performers. The human actors are also treated with the same respect. High standard performances and care is put into every stage of the production process.
 +We have created my wonderful shows that have received great praise from local critics. Such as //The Swan Princess// (With actual Swan), //Lady and the tramp// and The heartwarming tale //Body Building Badger//. Here is what some critics said:
 +"I couldn'​t believe my eyes when the Swan vanished into smoke and became human It made me cry it really did" //Miss Levine de paur//, French national
 +"​I'​ve honestly never been more inspired by the tale of a badger trying to defend his home. God bless you break a paw" //Gerald sutcliffe//,​ The daily bright
 +"It was fantastic though I wish they had both been dogs to be honest but otherwise brilliant!"​ //Kofi twizzler//, Zimbabwe press
 +Though a fairly new company we expect to be awarded an acting award any day now. Want to join in on the fun? Or wish your pet was an acting superstar? Then come to  one of our studios in Massachusetts,​ Minnesota, Calais, Gweru or Paris and maybe you can break a paw with us and reach for the stars!
 +In the next 20 years we hope to have studios on every continent so that everyone can enjoy our quality shows! Keep watching this place.
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