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Started by Willy Pompanelli in the late 1950s, Bug You has grown to become the undefeated enemy of vermin everywhere. It's little wonder that Willy's nickname was “The Exterminator”!

The business has been kept in the Pompanelli family ever since, and now it's a part of the Faceless family as well! Welcome the nation's number one go-to pest killer, as well as the latest in a long line of top experts in the field – Frankie Pompanelli!

Bug You specializes in the eradication of common vermin such as moles and rats, but there are no creatures too small (or too big) for them to handle. If you need your home swept for bugs, or you simply have a recurring problem pest that won't seem to go away, call Bug You.

Hard to reach areas are a specialty of Bug You staff. They're trained in advanced techniques, and are licensed to carry any gear that may be required.

Look for new Bug You branded products such as poisons and traps!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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