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The Faceless Corporation is proud to have Burger Load as part of its family!

Blast off with Astronaut Myron Hero, free the Frylons and meet up with Princess Pie for an adventure that never ends! Just watch out for the evil Food Looter! He's after our secret recipes! Take a trip through an entire Galaxy of amazing meal deals.

Kids love our food. Parents love our prices. Drop your children off in our asteroid pit and let them climb the zero gravity wall while you make your order. Let Myron Hero and his friends entertain them while you get a much-needed rest.* On your way home from work? No time to prepare dinner? Pick up an Angus beef Astrobuger for Hubby and Martian Meals for the kids! It's the easy choice that will fill them up fast.

Each Martian Meal comes with a Cadet Burger, small fries, and a drink. That's not all! Each month there's a new toy series for your little ones to collect. Don't let the comet of cost-effective cuisine pass you by! Stop in at your local Burger Load today!

Birthday reservations are available!

* Appearances by costumed characters are restricted to parties of ten or more children.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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