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At GenFlux games, it's all about Generation Fluctuation! This company is dedicated to growing and changing with the market and its consumers.

In the early 1980s, GenFlux (then known as Interactive Business Systems) ventured into the gaming world with educational titles such as Literate Llama and Mr. Math's Market. An entire generation of school children were first introduced to the world of computers through these titles!

The mid-80s brought new changes, as GenFlux released the GenFlux Rapture console gaming system. On this platform, many beloved pop culture icons were showcased, such as Croc-Man, Slo-Mo the Slug, and the world's most well-known Construction Worker, Gino! Collecting Gems and mastering jumps became a favorite passtime.

GenFlux was still at the forefront of gaming innovation in the 90s, when Under became the most popular first-person shooter on the market. No demonic moleman was safe from Frank “Friendly” Fire and his infamous “Rib Splitter”! The franchise would spawn three sequels.

Now, GenFlux offers the modern gamer their preferred play experience. Lie, kill, and steal in the expansive world of DUI, Make tough decisions between loyalty and betrayal with Killstrom, or kick back and remove perfectly good organs in Unlicensed Pediatrician. These titles are not simply the latest the company has to offer – they're the most purchased and played entertainment products in the developed world!

Here's to another decade of digital dominance guided by the Faceless Corporation. Well done, GenFlux!


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