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Let the kind and patient staff of Happy Hollows Daycare watch over your little one while you work!

Happy Hollows prides itself on being the most flexible yet reliable daycare service, and has been ranked #1 by Kids Today Magazine for three years running. With well-trained, thoroughly vetted staff and incredibly safe, padded environments, you know your child will be in great hands.

Happy Hollows specializes in education and re-training. Our child care adviser, Ernst Hirntod, wrote the book on the subject. Literally! Best sellers such as Enough Monkey Business! and Sit Still! were born from Hirntod's understanding of the immature mind.

Faceless Corporation staff - ask about discounted child care services!

Note: Happy Hollows Daycare is happy to announce the walls of all current locations now display public domain characters only.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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