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In the early 1960s, young upstart Lou Stein was just a mail room clerk for a local newspaper.

“My favorite part of the paper was the Sunday Comics,” Lou recalls, “So I thought, why not make the whole thing just the comics?”

That was how Lou set out to invent the world of comic books. Though it had already been established long beforehand, Lou decided nothing would stand between him and his dream!

“I thought - what if there was a man who dressed like a bird?” Lou fondly remembers, “So I got to work on a billionaire playboy who wears a bird costume and fights crime!”

Unfortunately, that was nearly identical to the concept behind a title that had previously existed. Undaunted, Lou reworked his idea again and again until he had the perfect character. Thus, Mortalman was born!

“All the other super-heroes were these mighty, powerful gods or genius inventors. I decided to reach out to the common everyday Joe and make a hero just like him! He's mortal, has no powers, no training, but he's really lucky so things work out for him even though he has no real talent!” Lou explains.

What began with a single spark of creativity blossomed into an entire universe of daring heroes and world-dominating villains! Icons such as Captain Caterpillar, Space Jockey, The Weirdo, and Gruesome Girl raced from the desk of Lou Stein (and various unnamed employees) and into the hearts and minds of youth everywhere!

Since the Faceless Corporation first acquired Mortal Comics, your favorite characters have been hitting the big and small screens as well! From Signal Television and Motion Pictures come recent breakaway smash-hits such as Captain Caterpillar: The Silk Spy, Mortalman Awakens, and the record-breaking team flick Sentries of the Solar System!

Here's to you, Lou, and here's to another 50 years of “Magnificent Mortal Magic”!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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