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Relax, Moms! You've got Munch House!

Munch House brand snack foods are a mainstay of the modern household. From Doktor Pretzel to Burnt Crisps to Cruncharounds, Munch House has been providing the salty treats your family can't live without!

We have potato chips, pretzels, cheese snacks, crackers, and so much more in our marching army of munching madness. No taste buds can hide from the Munch House militia! Why would you want to? Munch House brand products have beaten others in taste tests time and again.

Coming Soon: Munch House Smokey Strings! Mostly vegetable slivers cooked golden brown and imbued with several bold new flavors including BBQ Bean, Sour Cream & Surf, and Honey Onion!

Munch House snack foods can be found at your grocer's or in vending machines everywhere!

A proud member of the Faceless family.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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