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It's always Autumn in Octobertown!

This spacious park is the go-to destination for romantic hayride enthusiast and Halloween fanatics alike. Steal kisses from your significant other on one of our top-rated “Heartfelt Hayrides”.* Bring the kids and enjoy a variety of fall-themed attractions. Are you a horror junkie? Then maybe our “Skyscreamer” haunted tower experience is the thing for you! (Don't miss the tower's fan-favorite “blood cascade”! It happens on the hour, every hour!)

Octobertown was constructed around the infamous Skyscreamer by eccentric industrialist Welby Falter. Every holiday deserves its own theme park, and Octobertown is now the “Santa's Village” of Halloween fright! In the words of its creator, the park could “never be truly complete” and “doesn't need rides”, we think the Faceless Corporation has brought a lot to the table! Make sure you visit our “Ghost Master General”, Scaredy Crow, and don't forget to ride the Bumpin' Bugs! The Sewer of Slime boat ride is waiting for you, and our Gift Shacks are always open! Octobertown isn't just a vacation spot. As Welby Falter said: “Can't you understand? This isn't a theme park.” - and he was right! It's not just a theme park, it's a full spooktacular experience you'll never forget!

Fans of our Skyscreamer attraction - use this handy list of “live haunts” to keep track of which specific characters will be available to spook you! If you came to see a live haunt that isn't currently listed as “available”, we do offer private fear sessions. Be sure to ask!

Current list of free-roaming entities. Inter-Company use only. Do not distribute.
For additional list of non-roaming objects, contact Ritual Department.
Entity Designation Notes
Aaiiee Active
Abnormally Large Bacteriophage Active Avoid if immune system compromised
Anti-Gravity Primates Active
Awkward Lurching Stick-Man Active
Beast With Segmented Face Active Flash photography discouraged
Blistering Toad Active
Cackling Gasser Active Avoid open flame
Crazy Quilt Ghost Active
Chained Brain Active
Corrupted Things Active
Creeping Weed Girl Active May aggravate allergies
Dancing Dan the Skeleton Man Inactive Claiming to be in “creative rut”
Delicious Rotten Matter Active
Employee Amalgamation Active Do not cut paycheck(s)
Eye Kid Active
Family Man Active Do not expose to single mothers
Filth Encrusted Cadaver Active
Gray Faded Coquette Active
Hardwood Box with Foot Active
Hive Headed Honeymaker Active Notify if allergic to bee stings
Insectoid Minotaur Active
Insidious Clowder Active Not for petting
Jiggling Sap Trap Active
Lantern Siren Active
Leaky Grocery Bag Active
Men with Conveniently Obscured Faces Active
Mold Flecked Baby Doll Inactive Locked down until further notice
Mr. Slughands II Active
Peter Puppetpants Inactive Do not return to rotation under any circumstances
Random Screaming Chainsaw Lunatics Active
Rusted Toy-Bot Active
Satanic Police Officers Active Following their orders is not required
Shadowy Toddlers Active
Shrieker w/Spilled Guts Active
Skull (appearing) Active
Skull (rolling, screaming) Active
Sliding Floor Panels Active
Squirming Fingers Inactive Out of circulation due to repeated theft
Tree Boy Active Do not ingest fruit
Two-Headed Cayman Active Keep hydrated
Vomiting Cube Inactive Cleaning expenses unsustainable
Wasting Spider Active
Who-Why the Weirdo Active

* Rated #1 corporate hayride service by Make Hay Magazine, 2010.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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