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Since the beginning of Patooey!, children across the globe have been beating the Summer heat with the patented Spit-Soaker and related water-spurting products from the GoGleek Mini-Gun to the L00GIE-X Rapid Assault Cannon!

After moving into action figures, dolls, and much more in the late 1980s, Patooey! grabbed the spotlight yet again with lines such as Putrid Pillaging Pirate Parrots, 1995's #1 “To-Trample-For” Christmas item according to Citizen Today.

(Our thoughts and prayers are still with the survivors.)

Now Patooey! has joined the Faceless family, and together we will be ushering in a new era of electronic playthings and beloved best friends! With several new concepts in testing, and even more hitting shelves soon, this promises to be a good year to be a kid!

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For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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