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Before cola was popular, there was Poppo!

Hailing from the days when movies cost a nickle and children still played in the streets, Poppo isn't just a soda company - it's a piece of Americana. Now, as a part of the Faceless family, Poppo is entering a new era of experimentation and rapid growth!

All the fantastic flavors you remember are still here!

  • Poppo Cola
  • Diet Poppo Cola
  • Cherry-erry
  • Dr. Fizzer
  • Mountain Folk
  • Peach Dream
  • Seven Score
  • Sour Cola

Now, check your grocer's soda aisle for bold, all-new choices!

  • Zwet, the power drink that blasts you with energy so you can pound the courts! Zwet contains everything your body needs for a rapid burst of super-charged awesome! GET ZWET!
  • Test Two, it's not for little girls! Test Two is the MAN'S soda, with a strong and long-lasting buzz that'll knock you senseless!
  • Elixa, the citrus surprise that leaves your tongue tingling! Relax and enjoy an Elixa. Let the sparkles spark your imagination.
  • Poppo Dark, for people who like to live on the edge - the taste changes! It's a multi-flavor mood ring for your mouth!

(Please note Bubbs Bubblegum Soda has been recalled with no current plan to restock this product.)

The Faceless Corporation welcomes Poppo to its long list of beloved brands. Here's to another century of fizzy fun!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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