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Seedcorn Cereal is a staple of a majority of balanced breakfasts. Started by Doctors Finely & Bowers when they converted livestock feed into a delicious treat for malformed orphans, Seedcorn is now a household name and one of the most easily recognized brands in the breakfast industry!

Seedcorn is part of a proud morning ritual that has remain largely unchanged since cereal was invented! With the Faceless Corporation, there are many more bowls of tasty treats ahead. Seedcorn is dedicated to providing everything a growing child needs, such as colorful cartoon package art and a variety of toy prizes in every box.

“Eat your Seedcorn!”


See if you or your child has enjoyed these famous morning treats…

  • Bloody Bits - Turns your milk red!
  • Dragon Drops - With 10 Treasure Shapes!
  • Frosty Freaks - The grains that gibber!
  • Fruit Flakes - Now with Kiwi!
  • Honey Beez - The colony is collapsing to serve you!
  • Looney Proons - Mom & Dad's favorite!
  • Not-Os - the squares with a hole!
  • Red Ants - Stinging cinnamon slivers!
  • Red Ants: Whoops! All Queens!
  • Sugar Spaghetti - Slurpable sweetness!
  • Sugar Spaghetti & Wheatballs

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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