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“What's your Stats?”

This is a phrase that has become common among young and old alike, thanks to StatusFire and its growing community of registered members! Now important messages about breaking news and charity events mingle with relationship updates and photos of your favorite meals!

At StatusFire, everything is important!

Envisioned by Jeffrey Bundy, one of Silicon Valley's youngest and wealthiest upstarts, StatusFire began as a method of collecting the personal data of women in his area and quickly grew into the number one website on the internet! Citizen Today even said: “[StatusFire] is technically one of the largest countries on Earth in terms of population, with more access to Government data than the Governments themselves[…]”

StatusFire provides massive data collection and cutting-edge targeted advertising methods while offering the everyday netizen an easy and fun way to stay connected with their circle of friends!

With the StatusFire search engine, web browser, office suite, smart phone, and more, the Faceless Corporation now stands ready to dominate all major facets of the web market.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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