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Treat your best friend like a King with Tum-Nums Pet Food! Created by wife and mother Irma Tumrose on her family farm in the heartland of America, Tum-Nums was created from renewable sources with a strong dedication to using organic meats and produce.

Now the Faceless Corporation is changing everything!

With exciting new selections like Gravy Grab Bag and Munchy Morsels, Tum-Nums is driving your dog kibble-crazy with a flavor explosion! For cats, we offer Tabby Treets, Catnip-infused Nippy Nums and Feline Fop for more picky eaters! Your kitty will screech for more!

Find our canned and bagged products in your pet food aisle, and don't forget our lines for birds, fish, rodents, and so much more!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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