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Furthering its global reach into the music collections of fans everywhere, Faceless is proud to announce its acquisition of Tyrannosaurus Records!

From Rock to Pop to R&B and beyond, Tyrannosaurus has dominated venues and stomped its way to the top of all the major music charts! Their motto is “You'll hear us coming”, and we sure heard them loud and clear! After intensive negotiations that spanned several years, Faceless has finally tamed the beast.

Notable stars now in the Faceless family include…

  • Altogether Separate
  • DJ VCR
  • Dumpster Fire
  • Horror Belle
  • Prrxyllz
  • Skeleton
  • Status Faction
  • TMI
  • Trapped In The Everlasting
  • …and more!

Expect big things as the Faceless Corporation moves a prehistoric beast into the modern age with downloadable content and live streaming performances!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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