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The eccentric rock group Victor Victorious first attained global notoriety when their original singer, Sphincter George, died onstage during a particularly dangerous stunt. After riding the following press coverage to the top of the charts, the band found a new lead singer and almost immediately began recording.

Their most critically acclaimed album, “Sadisdick”, faced further setbacks months later. Guitarist and song-writer, Terry Taint, was fatally electrocuted during a sound test, and rumors of hidden subliminal messaging brought religious groups out to burn newly minted copies of the album. Happily enough, this helped make “Sadisdick” one of the best-selling albums produced by Tyrannosaurus Records.

Victor Victorious was set to perform a sold-out show at Serling City's OneView Arena, but unfortunately had to cancel when their drummer, Scrotimus Dong, was horribly mangled by a bear. Again, this occurred onstage in front of thousands of fans.

The remaining members of Victor Victorious are currently on hiatus, and the Faceless Corporation greatly anticipates their return to music!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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