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This is a running list of persons currently employed by the Faceless Corporation. This list is subject to change as pages are created for current and future employees. Employees, please note: We encourage you to create a page in your own voice, however one will be created for you if you so choose.



From human resources to inter-office communications and beyond.


Computer technology assistance at the speed of business.



Making business beautiful.

Research & Development

Ensuring a safe and profitable future.

Biological Development (BioDev)

Breaking a few eggs on the way to perfecting the genetic omelette.

Ritual Department

For when you need a little outside assistance.


Shipping & Recieving

Moving with experience.


If you don't know where something goes, we'll take it.

Subsidiary Staff

Funtime Orchards

Hot apple cider, rides, and more in a pristine rural location.

Society for the Preservation and Invention of Dark Rides (SPIDR)

A distinguished organization currently partnered with the Faceless Co. Amusements division.

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