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Employee Summary
Name: Andy Gilbert
Area: Hub
Date of Birth: Unspecified

Clearance: Unspecified
Status: Active

What's up!! Gilman, here. That's not really one of my nicknames, I just came up with it now.

Anywho, the name's Andy and you can find me rumbling around the office pretty much every day of the work week. I joined Faceless a while back and I love it here. Awesome people, awesome gadgets, awesome games and toys. Holler at your boy if you're in R&D, I want in on the fun stuff. I also have a lot of ideas for great products rattling around in this head. Mostly cartoon and toy concepts because, hey, we're all kids at heart, right?

I don't really know if I'm in the right spot on this site, but I hang around the Hub enough so I guess it works. Take it slow and go with the flow. That's my motto!

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