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 + <​div class="​tright">​
 +  <div class="​thead">​
 +    Employee Summary
 +  </​div>​
 + <​div class="​tbody">​
 +{{ :​employees:​basilleeds.png}}
 +<​b>​Name:</​b>​ Basil Leeds<​br>​
 +<​b>​Area:</​b>​ </​html>​[[/​BioDev]]<​html><​br>​
 +<​b>​Date of Birth:</​b>​ 6/​14/​1952<​br><​br>​
 +<​b>​Clearance:</​b>​ DX<​br>​
 +<​b>​Status:</​b>​ Active<​br>​
 +  </​div>​
 + </​div>​
 +Long-time assistant to Faceless Co. mainstay [[employees/​asod malignus|Asod Malignus]], Dr. Leeds claims to have "seem it all, or at least too much of it" when it comes to Biological Development,​ or "​[[/​BioDev]]"​. Possessed of a resilience seldom seen in men of his years, Dr. Leeds has been given the loving nickname "Lab Rat Leeds" among a variety of our employees. If there'​s a challenge to be met, or a biological agent to be tested, Dr. Malignus knows he can trust Dr. Leeds to be somewhere nearby for experimentation!
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