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Employee Summary
Name: Bea Latrice
Area: Creative
Date of Birth: 12/1/1994

Clearance: 3ww
Status: Active

I find the concept of company profiles highly problematic.

Here is a list of my accomplishments.

  • Instrumental in the creation of the Faceless Corporation's first safe space located in Sector ZZZ-9.
  • Successfully pressed for discontinuation of “Taco Tuesdays”.
  • Covertly organized a walk-out of Konglom employees.
  • Personally added 150+ micro-aggressions to employee interaction handbook.
  • Inventor of the “break room etiquette penalty collar” for cis-het white male employees.*
  • Elected head of the Unofficial Faceless Corporation Diversity and Fairness Committee two years in a row.
  • Created the Unofficial Faceless Corporation Diversity and Fairness Committee.
  • Record for most inter-personnel restraining orders.

* I have been asked to note that the invention cited was re-purposed from Security's guard dog correction collars. However, a true Creative knows that the best imagination is re-imagination.

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