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Employee Summary
biancalucero.jpg Name: Bianca Lucero
Area: Ritual Department
Date of Birth: 8/9/1963

Clearance: 18+
Status: Active

Head of the Ritual Department, Bianca has faithfully led this unusual but necessary branch of the company for nearly two decades. Her dedication to getting the most out of her team and her results-driven protocol have made her a reliable asset in an otherwise unpredictable position, so much so that other branches often turn to her when there's a problem that defies proper explanation.

Bianca carries a Masters degree in both Business and Cultural Anthropology (Witchcraft and Religion emphasis), and is an ordained high priestess/manbo/sorceress-regent/etc. in a number of religions and philosophies. She enjoys travel where she can soak up the local color.

We appreciate all you do, Bianca! Faceless would not be the same without you!

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