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Employee Summary
Name: Cecil Klein
Area: Marketing
Date of Birth: 6/3/1966

Clearance: P-4L
Status: Active

Hey, pal. Cecil Klein, here. Do you know my name? You should! I'm the one man who sees the future of marketing, and that future is micro billboards. Billboards so small, they fit on curbs and short walls. You want animation to motivate the kiddies? Every micro billboard will be built with a real live LED screen, capable of showing anything you want. You want ducks? It'll show you a duck. It'll quack out your slogan! Micro billboards are the way it's headed, pal. Take my word for it. Old Cecil was at the forefront of the Capevert, the cape with an ad on it! Now I'm back with micro billboards. This is THE big marketing concept for the new millennium! Soda, burgers, delicacies of the far east, micro billboards sell it all! Come to my desk and let's talk about it, but if you can't get me 5 minutes with management, don't waste my time.

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