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Employee Summary
Name: Eileen Mooney
Area: BioDev
Date of Birth: 10/21/1991

Clearance: 6X9
Status: Active

I am creating my own Faceless Corporation employee profile page at the suggestion of Hub employee Andrew Gilbert. He appears to believe I should be more informative concerning myself. He has insisted that I am “frigid” and that I do not appear “girly” to himself and other coworkers. I understand now that this means he believes I do not meet societal standards for how a “normal” female should behave. I would like to dispel this misconception. I am very caring and posses various “feminine” traits normally associated with other human beings of the same sex. As further evidence, I will cite the fact that I harbor an irrational dislike of arachnids. In actuality, there is no reason I should be required to make statements in relation to my gender. This information is irrelevant. I believe Andrew Gilbert wishes to copulate with me. This would be inadvisable due to the fact I frequently use my ovum for biological testing, and that which I do not make use of is often claimed by Dr. Malignus. Further, procreating with Andrew Gilbert would most likely produce undesirable offspring. I am aware that a variety of creatures participate in recreational sexual intercourse but I find this concept nonsensical. This is the end of my Faceless Corporation employee profile page.

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