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 + <​div class="​tright">​
 +  <div class="​thead">​
 +    Employee Summary
 +  </​div>​
 + <​div class="​tbody">​
 +{{ :​employees:​enan.png}}
 +<​b>​Name:</​b>​ Enan<​br>​
 +<​b>​Area:</​b>​ </​html>​[[/​Creative]]<​html><​br>​
 +<​b>​Date of Birth:</​b>​ Unknown<​br><​br>​
 +<​b>​Clearance:</​b>​ Enan<​br>​
 +<​b>​Status:</​b>​ Active<​br>​
 +  </​div>​
 + </​div>​
 +Enan is Enan. To describe him any other way would do no justice to all that is Enan.
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