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Employee Summary
Name: Mindy Pepkowitz
Area: Hub
Date of Birth: 7/10/1992

Clearance: Pending Re-Evaluation
Status: Active

HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI guys and grrls! My name's Mindy and I'm writing my own page. Isn't that AMAZING? I didn't think i could do computer when I was younger but I had a teacher named Mr. Hemple (shout out to Mr. H! What What! LOL) any way he was really amazing and taught everybody how to use computer and the internet. I never thought I'd get a real live job working computer when I became a grown-up adult but HERE I AM!!!! <3 <3

ANYway LOL I should probably describe myself for all the lovely people out there reading this right now!!! Well my name is Mindy Peopkowitz and sometimes people call me Pep, Peppy, M-Pep, and sometimes some mean names but HATERS GONNA HATE am i right???? XD XD I LITERALLY LOVE stickers, huge amounts of glitter, and KITTY VIDS, but maybe not in that order! I work in the Hub right across from the TOTES ADORBS Miles “Don't Touch My Desk” Banyon. XD LOL Miles I'm touching your desk right now while you're getting coffee HAHAHA touchtouchtouchtouch. <3

So I'm here to help people with whatever they need!!! I love it!!! Come by my desk and let's chat or even just give me a smile because i'm the unofficial SMILE PATROL CAPTAIN here at Faceless HQ. They made me say unofficial but whateverrrrr! Stop by for a hug or a snack or something because i'm ALWAYS ready to meet happy faces!! Somebody reading this, you should come by and talk to me!! :D :D :|

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