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Employee Summary
Name: Muriel Hayes
Area: Marketing
Date of Birth: 4/20/1979

Clearance: WW-C11
Status: Active

With an exemplary work ethic and a serious, driven attitude, Muriel has been a valuable and loyal Faceless employee for twenty years and counting. Her successful first decade, spent as the warden of Cakewalk Correctional Facility in Connecticut, is still cited for its results to this day, with a 65% increase in inmate rehabilitation using the now-famous “Hayes Method.” She was ushered into the company proper as Chief Administrator of Amusements, a position she held faithfully where she expanded much of Faceless' theme park holdings. Her recent promotion to Chief Marketing Executive of Entertainment comes on the wings of her successful overseeing of a partnership between Faceless and SPIDR, and she has since begun looking into the company's future with the rising trends of “new media.”

That she never smiles, never laughs and ignores most social functions should not be seen as detractors for her Entertainment positions: Muriel simply takes her work VERY seriously, and we would not have it any other way!

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