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 + <​div class="​tright">​
 +  <div class="​thead">​
 +    Employee Summary
 +  </​div>​
 + <​div class="​tbody">​
 +{{ :​employees:​murielhayes.jpg|}}
 +<​b>​Name:</​b>​ Muriel Hayes<​br>​
 +<​b>​Area:</​b>​ </​html>​[[/​Marketing]]<​html><​br>​
 +<​b>​Date of Birth:</​b>​ 4/​20/​1979<​br><​br>​
 +<​b>​Clearance:</​b>​ WW-C11<​br>​
 +<​b>​Status:</​b>​ Active<​br>​
 +  </​div>​
 + </​div>​
 +With an exemplary work ethic and a serious, driven attitude, Muriel has been a valuable and loyal Faceless employee for twenty years and counting. Her successful first decade, spent as the warden of Cakewalk Correctional Facility in Connecticut,​ is still cited for its results to this day, with a 65% increase in inmate rehabilitation using the now-famous "Hayes Method."​ She was ushered into the company proper as Chief Administrator of Amusements, a position she held faithfully where she expanded much of Faceless'​ theme park holdings. Her recent promotion to Chief Marketing Executive of Entertainment comes on the wings of her successful overseeing of a partnership between Faceless and SPIDR, and she has since begun looking into the company'​s future with the rising trends of "new media."​
 +That she never smiles, never laughs and ignores most social functions should not be seen as detractors for her Entertainment positions: Muriel simply takes her work VERY seriously, and we would not have it any other way!
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