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Employee Summary
Name: Tyler Blackburn
Area: Management
Date of Birth: 9/12/1985

Clearance: Omega
Status: Active

Tyler Blackburn is the latest descendant of Faceless Corporation founding partner Cenric Blackburn. Not content to ride the coattails of a famous ancestor into the realm of success, Tyler has proven himself a powerful negotiator and a capable leader in both the boardroom and on the office floor.

An avid health nut, Mr. Blackburn enjoys taking scenic routes while jogging to work and prefers healthy snacks in place of horderves when making use of his private jet. He prides himself on staying true to nature and proper living.

Mr. Blackburn also spear-headed placement of a Zlymex Amalgamated Toxins location within the formerly preserved forests of Galatuck, a small, war-torn region. Both profits and Galatuck's economy are now booming due to The Faceless Corporation and Mr. Blackburn's excellent decision-making skills!

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