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Employee Summary
Name: Veronica Duchess
Area: Management
Date of Birth: 7/7/1976

Status: Active

Veronica Duchess, current sitting CEO of the Faceless Corporation, has had an extremely productive rise through the ranks of corporate america throughout the past few years. It is said that her fervent interest in horse breeding is surpassed only by her love of business and the board room.

Soon after spearheading the recovery of Goldsax & Blain, Veronica became the youngest Vice President of PreFabGen and stripped the fat, leaving it a much leaner and more profitable company. Following her selection as Citizen Today's “Ceiling Smasher” of 2012, she then stepped up to the plate as Chief of Operations at Konglom where she achieved notoriety for her tough-yet-fair stance on break room coffee creamer selection. Veronica quickly made her move yet again to Lazarix Pharmaceuticals and quelled controversy surrounding the Serling City incident. Now, after an entirely unrelated, yet very lucrative buy-out of Lazarix, we welcome Veronica Duchess as our current, beloved CEO!

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