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Employee Summary
Name: Wally Nimlen
Area: Hub
Date of Birth: 8/4/1990

Clearance: Zebra
Status: Active

Hey! Hi. Yeah. Hello. My name's Nimlen. Wally, I mean. Anyway this is my bio, so… here's some stuff about myself. Okay. I work in the Hub. I make a lot of document runs to and from other offices. I really want to find whoever's funneling Faceless Corporation secrets to The Dummy Corporation. Not that I necessarily know anything about it other than gossip.

I share a desk with Tom Bendo. Tom Bendo isn't involved in anything. We just share a desk so he shouldn't be implicated in any of my work, but of course all of my work is official Faceless business.

I helped organize last year's Feet for the Footless fun run. I don't know who the mole is. Not that anyone has asked. You can ask if you want but that's all I know. I can play the cello but not very well.

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