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Employee Summary
Name: Zach Caso
Area: IT
Date of Birth: 1/8/1975

Clearance: EE
Status: Active

Zach was one of the best and brightest in our IT Department, having personally hand-coded much of our proprietary office software. Due to his can-do attitude and ability to knuckle under on a project for days or weeks at a time, the motto around the office became “This is a case for Caso”.

Unfortunately, Zach left the Faceless family in the late 1990s. At least, that was what we assumed. As it turned out, he'd simply missed a memo concerning the closure of level Level J-13 and was locked in. Over a decade later, when the area was scheduled for remodeling, Mr. Caso was discovered. Subsisting on vermin and pipe leakage, Zach had not only survived the ordeal - but had made great use of the unexpected down time.

As days turned to weeks, then to months, then to years, he rigged a powerful super-computer using abandoned workstations and even created M.U.F.F.I.N., the “Multi-Use Free Form Interface Network”. What a testament to the work ethic of Faceless Corporation staff members!

Welcome back aboard, Zach!

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