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Employee Summary
Name: Zell Blommer
Area: Management
Date of Birth: 6/3/1944

Clearance: Mango
Status: Active

Zell always seems to be the first man in at the start of the business day, and the last man out when the cleaning crew locks up. What can be said about such a stunning work ethic, other than “Great job, Zell”? This is the motto that's thrown around Management whenever someone happens to pass Mr. Blommer in his favorite work spot; seated on the communal sofa, legs crossed, deeply focused on his note pad and pen. Sometimes low-tech is the best, even when it comes to high-stakes business negotiations!

When you pass by Zell, give him a pat on the shoulder and a hearty “Great job, Zell!” He seems to appreciate it, though you may not realize since he's so dedicated to concentrating on the task at hand! (Note: Rubbing is head for luck has been deemed inappropriate though Mr. Blommer himself is a wonderful sport and doesn't seem to mind.)

Zell has been an installation at the Faceless Corporation for decades, and we're hoping he remains a rigid pillar of Faceless for many more years to come!

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