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From the writer/producer of cult classics such as Dweebz, Dweebz 2, Dweebz vs. Everything, and the outlandishly offensive religious satire Are You There, God? It's Us, The Dweebz! comes the gruesome next step in torture-porn horror!

Signal Television and Motion Pictures Presents: BOING

Bob Boingland was an average man with average problems. An ex-wife, an estranged daughter, and a cash flow problem. That was what lead him to the job. Birthday clown. Something no one in his right mind signs up for. To make matters worse, his first gig turned out to be for a grown man… a psychopath.

Now, Bob finds himself alone and imprisoned in a complex maze of horrors constructed by an unspeakably demented mind. If he wants to live, he'll need to complete a series of deadly tasks by making difficult and bloody decisions.

All while his hands and feet are glued to a pogo stick.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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