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Confusion, Texas” is one of the most popular shows on cable. It features Zach Marlow, who is lost in the middle of Texas and is unable to find his way back home. Viewers hotly anticipate each season finale, which always promises to turn the entire previous story line on its head. Only from Signal Television and Motion Pictures!

Central Characters

Zach Marlow (Jacob Heartz) is the unflappable, luckless protagonist of the series. Zach suffers from black outs, one of which lead to his unexpected awakening within the limits of Confusion, Texas. Once within the town, he meets the mysterious and neurotic Eve (Megan Shelley), a travelling musician who has been trapped in the town for three months.

Philosophy Professor Archibald Higgins (Lou Langley) was a childhood friend and mentor of Zach's. He makes recurring appearances despite having died long ago in a lab accident. Higgins speaks to Zach in the form of various lower life forms, though this may be entirely within Zach's own imagination.

Sheriff Mickelson (Heaton Willis) is the cranky, obese lawman seemingly in charge of Confusion, Texas. He appears to consider the town under Martial Law and, on several occasions, has made statements that seem to show that he thinks the outside world is in the middle of a nuclear war. Needless to say, he usually serves as a hindrance to Zach and Eve.

The King of Clowns (Lucas McDon) serves as the main antagonist of the series so far. Though he has employed the assistance of various other villains over the course of the show, he relies mostly on the brute force of an army of clowns. He appears to have entered Confusion with a travelling circus and his motivations are largely unknown.

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