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This gruesome horror film features the notorious “Pickaxe Killer” Robby Borger, who leaves a bloody wake of corpses during his visits to the sleepy town of Murder Falls. Wearing his trademark ski mask and wielding his trusty weapon, Robby wants to make sure the name “Murder Falls” is forever associated with death and destruction!


In the words of Sheriff Davis (Paul Duchamp), “There hasn't been a murder in Murder Falls since the infamous Murder Falls murders in the Fall of '76!”

Well, that's about to change. A masked killer is on the loose, and everyone who isn't a victim… is a suspect!

Pickaxe 2: Sever Solstice

The Pickaxe Killer is back for more, and this time he's undead! Or is he?

Pickaxe 3: Return to Murder Falls

The Pickaxe Killer is once again portrayed by Peter Carmelli, and Judas Keets returns as the half-demented survivor Evan Ryman after sitting out the sequels. There's an old score to settle, and Evan will have to escape a 24/7 suicide watch to get his revenge!

Pickaxe 3 merchandise is available at all major retailers. Watch for official Pickaxe Killer costumes this Halloween!

Presented by Signal Television and Motion Pictures.

For more information, please contact Leslie Chambers

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