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From FML, the channel that brought you acclaimed fan-favorite series such as Lurchers and Sword of Skulls comes the next gritty crime drama with a sweet edge!

Taste is the much-anticipated Horrible Choices spin-off series that brings demented danger and drug-dealing to all-new levels! Riley “Possum” Popinski returns as the thoroughly baked stoner with a heart of gold and a head full of mush. Fresh off the series finale of Horrible Choices, Possum decides to emulate his drug lord heroes and kick-start his own empire!

Did I mention he's selling from the back of a beat-up ice cream truck, while serving frozen treats to the kids? A series of hilarious missteps, bloody executions, and disturbing overdoses follow Possum as he rumbles through town.

“Taste” begins this Tuesday, a production of Signal Motion Pictures & Television.

For more information contact Leslie Chambers.

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