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Crisis Evaluation for “HALF Incident”.

Item(s) or Subject(s) Involved: Bio-construct “HALF”

Staff Member(s) Involved: A Malignus, J Gorms, P Washington, T Blackburn, Assorted Special Security Personnel (full list available)

Summary of Incident:

Non-Humanoid subject labeled “HALF” created by Bio-Development department, under A Malignus. Title given due to subject's perceived influence over chemicals of the brain and its seeming ability to cause “Happiness, Anger, Love & Fear”. (H.A.L.F.) Additionally, left side of subject appears necrotic and atrophied with numerous vestigial limbs.

[Auditor's Note: Intended purpose of subject is unknown.]

After development and study of HALF was terminated, subject was prepared for Permanent Closed Storage. Security footage appears to show that the subject was able to convince J Gorms he was deeply in love with it. J Gorms removed protective devices and allowed subject to escape its confines, as which point J Gorms attempted to embrace the subject. Subject fatally struck J Gorms.

Upon arriving to take possession of HALF, P Washignton immediately fled. This is presumed to be due to fear inflicted by the subject. P Washington later expired from trauma following a fall down center of stair well M.

HALF proceeded through sub-corridors unabated before passing T Blackburn outside of examination room 319. T Blackburn appeared imperceptible to subject, which nearly collided with him as it traveled.

Special Security met subject in multi-purpose room 10-K, at which point it was subdued.

Final Suggestion: Schedule subject for destruction.

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