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Crisis Evaluation for “Just Jump Incident”

Item(s) or Subject(s) Involved: The “Just Jump” Program, “Mood Rope”.

Staff Member(s) Involved: K Sykes, Assorted Interns (interns terminated)

Summary of Incident:

K Sykes administered focus group testing of “Just Jump”, an instructional exercise program with pack-in interactive “Mood Rope”. Products created to work in tandem with each other. Mood Rope senses subject's current emotions through computerized grips, altering content of instructional on-screen program.

Twelve human subjects with a personal history of seeking fitness and health were exposed to the product for a period of one hour. This was to be a super-charged exercise routine that would burn fat and tone muscle. Several uses for “Mood Rope” were included, such as pulling/stretching in addition to the usual jump-rope technique.

At the forty minute mark, K Sykes was called away from testing due to unknown conversation with executives. During this time, interns working beneath K Sykes left the room as well and proceeded to the cafeteria for what would appear to be unapproved break time.

Upon returning to the test group after a period said to be “from ten to fifteen minutes”, K Sykes discovered all subjects had hung themselves from the neck using their respective “Mood Ropes”.

K Sykes reports that the on-screen program displayed a “vaguely parental figure”, which loudly proclaimed anyone viewing was “a disappointment” and “the reason we've never been a happy family”. The form of this computerized model is said to have shifted in terms of features displayed, creating “a hodge-podge that looked like anyone you can think of”.

K Sykes summoned medical in a timely manner. Test group fatality rate was 100%.

Final Suggestion: Study every line of code before testing again. Look into whether “Mood Rope” is actually a one-way device, or if it is somehow capable of doing more than receiving the information. Vet future test subjects for signs of depression and/or broken home.

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