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Though he's been through many updates over the decades, Croc-Man remains an icon of digital gaming! From amorphous green pixel blob to full-CGI cartoon star, Croc-Man has come a long way. Whether you enjoyed chasing multicolored turtles in your youth, or you love the new smart phone re-imagining, GenFlux games has all your bubble-chomping needs covered.

Originally appearing in arcades across the globe, Croc-Man sunk his teeth into the hearts of the emerging gaming market. From this phenomena hatched several spin-offs, such as Granpa Croc-Man, Croc-Man Esq., Croc-Man: Turtles' Revenge, and Croc-Woman!* As time marched on, Croc-Man made the leap to the GenFlux Rapture gaming system, bringing the fun to your living room! Countless iterations of the time-tested classic have come and gone, including the much-loved Croc-Man Swamp Party Pack for PC.

Now, join Croc-Man as he surfaces once again – this time, on your smart phone!

* Please Note: While Croc-Woman can be considered a remastered version of “Annie-Gator”, and the Faceless Corporation retains all legal rights to the unofficial sequel as per court decision, neither the Faceless Corporation, nor its subsidiary, GenFlux Games, are responsible for physical or psychological trauma, nor property damage incurred while playing “Annie-Gator”. It is illegal for individuals to own “Annie-Gator” machines as per court ruling. All buyers purchase these arcade cabinets at their own risk.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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