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Dragon Drops, the all-marshmallow cereal only the bravest kids enjoy!

All ten marshmallow shapes are just waiting to be discovered!

  • Crowns!
  • Goblets!
  • Sceptres!
  • Skulls!
  • Gold Bars!
  • Coins!
  • Boots!
  • Gems!
  • Chestplates!
  • Swords!

Every spoonful is a fateful journey fraught with danger! Better finish the bowl before the Dragon discovers you've taken his treasure!

Help Sir Cereal protect his favorite breakfast product from the greedy Milk Mage with fun mazes and puzzles on the back of every box. If you can solve the “Craaaazy Cryptograph”, make sure to call the number on the bottom of the box. You might win an all-expenses paid trip to meet the Faceless Corporation. We'd like to speak with you!

Plus, there's a free toy in every box! Castleheads are the medieval mini-figure madmen with castles for heads! Now you can find special Castlehead figures in every box of Dragon Drops! Archer, Basher, Boiler, and Crasher are ready to leap out of your favorite cereal and into a battle only YOU can control!

Figures available for a limited time only! Get the new specially marked boxes of Dragon Drops with the Castleheads logo to start a war of your own today!

Only from Seedcorn Cereal!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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