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The DUI video game series places players in the driver's seat for a truly epic explosion of chaos and carnage. Get loaded and load up as you play one of our “colorful” characters in a race against the Mob, the Government, Satanic Cultists, and much more! Only from Genflux Games!

DUI: Ghettopolis

The flagship title of the series, DUI I was the very first video game to be banned from the top three major retailers in the United States! With results like that, you know it must be good! Join Gandy the grifter, Dial Tone the wannabe rap producer, and Rusty the cruel carnie as they set out to score big or go home… in a body bag! DUI I featured one of the first truly “open” worlds in gaming history, and though it may not be as expansive as one would expect from today's games, players marveled at the astonishing realism and attention to detail.

DUI II: Project Isle

No one leaves Project Isle alive. Project Isle, the collapsed housing project built on the footprint of the world's most expansive prison complex, is a decaying wonderland of ruin, rodents, and rampant crime. All but forgotten by the U.S. Government and civilization itself, players will experience a new level of “chaos and carnage” on this floating battle field. Descend into true depravity while you control new gang recruit Craze-Z, brutal drug lord Daddy D, and the bloody butcher Karlos. Features cutting-edge polygons.

DUI III: Survivor Parish

The storm of the century has hit, putting most of your territory under water! Battle off looters, police, and military alike as you take control of three devastatingly deranged criminal characters! Bosephus the bumpkin, Francois the murderous womanizer, and bootlegger Kayshawn must pull of con jobs and bold thefts on behalf of their employers - all while disaster relief agents push into their stomping ground!

DUI IV: Marble Town

Explore the rainy north west in the forth installment of the DUI franchise! Hipsters, grifters, and serial killers clash in a title famous for breaking the VGNA (the Violent Gaming Nuisance Act), which was passed by Congress specifically to restrict the DUI franchise! Run from bounty hunters and hide out in drug dens with the teenaged black widow Lil' Bit, caffine-fueled manic-depressive Bartleby, and our darkest, most tortured character yet - Winky the Clown!

DUI V: Violencia

Swim the gator-infested waters of Violencia in the 5th and final installment of the DUI franchise! Criminal enterprise has never been more relaxing as you guide one of three characters through real estate scams, long cons, and seemingly endless lines in the expansive Donner Worlds amusement park. Pro golfer turned gigolo Mitchell, elderly retired hitman Marco, and surly mob enforcer Bubs are waiting for your orders! This game was the inspiration for the infamous Buckholt Twins murders!

DUI VI: Neon Heights

High-stakes gambling and low-life crime rings will make your stay in Neon Heights an unforgettable catastrophe! Come out on top or sink to the depths of humanity in this chaotic center of sight and sound. The Yakuza will be on your heels every step of the way in the first DUI title to take place in Japan. Play as cruel harijuku girl Kiri, mafia snitch Makoto, or corrupt cop Seiji. Features the first use of our patented “Morality Algorithm” to collect information on how and why you commit each crime!

DUI VII: Monstro City

Out now from GenFlux games, DUI VII: Monstro City!

Welcome to Monstro City, the largest and most high-tech metropolis ever constructed. Mug pedestrians, organize heists, and launch a variety of vehicles from countless inexplicably placed ramps! Plunge through jumbo screens and high-rise windows, all for a chance at true infamy!

In story mode, you'll help returning characters Gandy and Lil' Bit pull off crimes of the century. Then you'll take control of the all-new hitman-turned-cab-driver Caswell as he fights the clock to stay alive and take out his latest targets.

– All while under the influence!

In free play mode, you and your friends can explore the expansive open world of Monstro City. Pass time at Crotch Shots bar, take in the scenery at The Greasy Pole, or go for more explicit content in Madam Adam's Garden of Unearthly Delights.

While you're creating disasters, watch out for Police with all-new super-invasive A.I., and a variety of new threats such as Terrorist Cells, Government Agents, and the Boring Buzzkillers! (Any resemblance between the “Boring Buzzkillers” and real world Anti-DUI advocacy group “Mothers Insisting on Living Free and Sober” is coincidental.)

Stop wasting time and start wasting fools! Get DUI VII today!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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