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Welcome to the planet Durd, a lush and vibrant sphere forever turning silently in the cold abyss of deep space. Here, a mysterious and ancient race known only as the Horrids rule supreme! Their creations inhabit the green lands, the icy waters, and the turbulent skies. These twisted creations are clearly the work of minds driven to the point of madness by eons of solitude. Enter a realm of evil stones, wicked crawlies, and indescribable whatsits. Welcome to the world of… Durdles!

Durdles are the madly mutating mini-figures that evolve at an unstoppable rate! In order to survive the harsh terrain of their home planet, the Durdles developed various freaky-deaky styles, and now you can collect them all. Love them! Make them fight! Feed them to the unknowable horrors of their home planet!

Who will be your favorite Durdle? Who will you save from the eternal torment of the Horrids and call your own? Will it be the slimy snail Durdle? The feral feline Durdle? Maybe your tastes are a little more refined… perhaps the grungy garbage Durdle who hides out in the trash?!

Durdles are the friends you can fit in your pocket! Only from Patooey Toys.

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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