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Coming soon from Patooey! Toys, the Dysfigures! Dysfunctional mutant heroes who are ready and able to rearrange evil's face!

Fight the evil Maimbrain alongside our heroes Animoid, Vegetor, and Minera, three totally wicked and warped weirdoes forever changed by the influence of Asteroid Z! Save Sideshow City and help Professorsaurus Dex search for a cure!

Collect all the Dysfigures now!

Wave One now in stores.

  • Wild Warrior Animoid with Lion Grip and Tenctacle Whip
  • Weapons Expert Vegetor with Eggplant Parma-Bombs and spring-loaded Flytrap
  • Healer Minera with Crystal Staff and pack-in McGloop mascot figure
  • Wise Professorsaurus Dex with Biohazard Beekers and test-tube tossing Tail
  • Master Villain Maimbrain with Brain-Launcher and Rocket Pack
  • Henchman Hivemind with Honey Comb Clusterbomb
  • Slimy Sneak Snail-Tail with Goo-Spreading Mop

Wave Two coming soon!

  • Base Jumper Animoid
  • Detective Vegetor
  • Lovely Librarian Minera
  • Trash Bot Throw-Out with glowing Lamp Head and figure-throwing arms
  • Bloated Gagbag with openable storage stomach and rotating Rubber Chicken
  • Pasta-Slinging Paparoni with Cheese Blaster and Oregano Grenades
  • Gross Grabber Maggnet with extendable Grappling Hookworms

Also coming soon, the Dysfigures animated series!

For more information, please contact Leslie Chambers.

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