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New, from ReJex Cosmetics!

Take years off of your life with the only Spa Treatment specifically engineered by the world's top beauticians to halt the aging process! Sourced organically from an African root vegetable long held as sacred by many tribes, The Green Stuff is an all-natural topical compound that can be applied as liberally or as conservatively as you dare!

Want to take out a few lines? Put some of The Green Stuff on a single fingertip and fill in the problem areas.

Want to get rid of unsightly blotches? Simply use a bit more!

You can't go wrong with The Green Stuff and its proven record of renewing your very cell structure. Use the product that Style Now called “An alternative to aging gracefully.” Even Citizen Today raved about The Green Stuff, saying it was “Not a proven danger […] with results that seem to […] beautify.”

Actress Hannah Ford, star of the hit television series Mom Cop calls The Green Stuff “Something I can no longer live without.” With a real Hollywood celebrity using it, you know this is a product you can trust!

Visit your local make-up counter and demand the product that's changing the face of glamour! Tell them you need The Green Stuff!

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