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Launched in 1984, Literate Llama was the first in a series of educational co_puter products designed by GenFlux Games. (Then known as Interactive Business Systems.) Alongside titles such as Mr. Math's Mar_et, Literate Llama helped bring an entire generation into the early stages of the digital age!

Children all over came to “L_ve the Llama” as this very special program made its way into homes and classrooms alike. Parents and teachers sat back in wonder as their young ones spent hours learning and lau_hi_g along with the onscreen antics. Searching for, and filling in, missing letters became a favorite pass time for knowledge-h_ngry youth.

Early spell-check code from Literate Llama's orig_nal release was way ahead of its time, and is even still used by some s_oftware to this day!

(Pl_as_ be_r _ith us _s w_ s_lv_ technical _ss_es wi_h t_is _a_e.)

Llama llama loo! Llama llama lee! Can you find the letters with me?

For more information, contact L_slie Chambe_s.

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