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Yarr, mateys! Walk the plank with these salty sea dogs who happen to be birds! Since the 1980s, the PPPP have been the most recognizable and beloved trash-talking, village pillaging n'er-do-wells to fill toy aisles with branded merchandise! The Parrots are one of Patooey Toys' classic brands!

Join the Putrid Pillaging Pirate Parrots as they sail between distant lands, fighting mutant foes across the seven seas. Press their beaks for realistic squawking action! Buy the Santa Guano Ghost Ship play set and stage your own terrifying battles between funny animal characters.

Who's your favorite Parrot?

  • Birdbeard, the crusty Captain?
  • Polly, his trusted Cabin Girl?
  • Crackers, the crazy Cannoneer?
  • McCaww, the stealthy Swashbuckler?

Join them as they do battle with the worst villains on water!

  • Admiral Cuddles, the undead cuttlefish!
  • Upchuck, the seasick sea slug!
  • Urchain, the urchin executioner!
  • Eelia, the slimy siren of the deep!
  • Brain Coral, the impenetrable evil genius!
  • Half-Scale, the fused fish man!
  • Reel Bad, the awful angler!
  • Greedy Weed, the tangling terror!
  • Spearsome, the wicked whaler!
  • And many more!

But our heroes are not alone. They have friends who are also available for purchase!

  • Samuray, the martial arts manta!
  • Ink-Shot, the ink-slinging squid!
  • Scrape, the radical surfing barnacle!
  • Underbite, the piranha brute!
  • Gull Gurl, the soaring super-heroine!
  • Shellter, the guardian turtle!
  • Picker, the scavenging shrimp!
  • Soak Head, the slow-moving sponge!
  • Sucko, the sticky starfish!
  • Pearl Hurl, the sphere-shooting oyster!
  • Dread Lobster, the snippy buccaneer!
  • Big Blue, the war whale!
  • Porpella, the ocean princess!
  • Sand Pale, the ghost crab!
  • Zap Trap, the stinging jellyfish!
  • Anemonina, the tentacled wallflower!
  • Naughty Lass, the edgy Nautilus!
  • Chill Out, the gnarly penguin!
  • Ghouillabaisse, the mish-mash fish-freak!
  • Skate, the stingray kid!
  • Green Piece, the fishy gun-girl!
  • Cannonball, the morbidly obese manatee!
  • Tune-Up, the rockstar tuna!
  • And many, many more!

Putrid Pillaging Pirate Parrots are the best! Don't be fooled by imitators like Apathetic Technocratic Tycoon Raccoons, Marker-Huffing Crime-Busting Multi-Colored Songbirds, Agoraphobic Hypothetical Axe-Wielding Hermit Crabs, Dangerously Demented Middle-Aged Marmosets, Post-Election Presidential Ghost-Hunting Gila Monsters, Crazy Killer Cultist Kittens, Mincing Mustachioed Monocle’d Millipedes, Undersized Suicidal Supermodel Unicorns, Awkward Retro-Gaming Twenty-Something Scallops, Acidic Internet-Famous Blogger Caterpillars, Over-Powered Gun-Toting Muscle-Bound Amoebas, Ghoulishly Gross Glowing Grubs, Post-Apocalyptic Snot-Dripping Hazmat Salamanders, Passive-Aggressive Dysfunctionally Co-Dependent Ducklings, Oversexed Dewey-Eyed Skull-Headed Mantids, Radical Reprocessed Regenerating Roadkill, Socially-Stunted Harmless-Looking Serial Killer Squirrels, Futuristic Bounty-Hunting Laser Crows, Pasty-Faced Acne-Riddled Bubble-Blowing Squid, Unrelated Half-Dead Electric Mosquitoes, Creepy Four-Eyed Invader Ants, Ridiculously Radioactive Redneck Roaches, Constantly Combusting Face-Melter Ferrets, Disobedient Nano-Technical Rocket Gnats, Gum-Chewing Airheaded Hitman Goldfish, Busy Distant Father Locusts, Manic-Depressive Slightly-Obsessive Trailblazing Emus, or Dumpster-Dwelling Failed Inventor Beetles!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

Visitor Comments

Leslie, I never realized Patooey was part of Faceless Co.

I used to be really into the Ridiculously Radioactive Redneck Roaches. I had every figure and all the vehicles, even some doubles that an Uncle or Aunt bought for me. I always thought it would be interesting to add a snowboarding roach to the team, sort of a cool outsider who didn't listen to authority. He had it all, but ran away because people wanted him to do stuff he didn't like.

He'd have a snowball gun and of course he'd come with the board.

I might get in touch with your department on this and see if the line could be brought back, maybe with this new character as a lead figure in the first wave. Do you know if Patooey still has the rights?

“Ridiculously Radioactive Redneck Roaches” was produced by another company after the success of “Putrid Pillaging Pirate Parrots”, which is the line Patooey! Toys manufactured.

Well if I'm being real, a snowboarding parrot doesn't make sense since they can fly.

Let's see if we can purchase the rights to the Roaches!

Good luck, Andy…

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