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Leap, smash, and win with Ultra Gino and his palette-swapped brother, Alfonso! Join these speedy siblings as they make their way through the treacherous Garden Realm on their way to save Empress Parmesan from the evil Duke Hydra. Pick up pizza power-ups to transform into Ostrich Gino, Possum Gino, and much, much more!

Classic Ultra Gino titles include:

  • Gino Guys
  • Ultra Gino Guys
  • Gino Guys in Sportsland
  • Gino Guys Bocce Ball Blast
  • Gino Guys 3
  • Alphonso's Spooky Shack
  • Ultra Gino Universe
  • … and many more!

Be sure to pick up Ultra Gino Guys merchandise. Display it proudly to show the world you're a true gamer!

For more information, contact Leslie Chambers.

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