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“Give a kid a fish, and he'll eat for a day!”

Studies have shown that children who are suffering from starvation have difficulty paying attention in class. We all know this shouldn't be allowed, and now it's time to get motivated and effect change!

The Faceless Corporation has been the driving force behind one of the most successful charity campaigns affecting today's inner-city youth. The “Give A Kid A Fish” (or GAKAF) program provides lunch for students that would otherwise go hungry.

We are proud to provide one Burger Load Grilled Fish Burger per student, per day, ensuring that the most important meal of the school day is as delicious as it is filling! A well-fed student is like our patented sauces - you can't keep 'em down!

The golden brown Burger Load Grilled Fish Burger is made of 100% fish and comes drizzled with sweet and tangy sauce on a scratch-made bun. Don't think we stop there! Pickles, Lettuce, and Onion adorn this tasty treat from the ocean floor! The Burger Load Grilled Fish Burger is available now at Burger Load. For a limited time only, you can Psycho-Size your Fish Combo meal for only $2 extra.

Not in the mood for surf? Why not dig into some turf? The Burger Load Steak Supreme is back! The Buger Load Steak Supreme is a smokey slab smothered in BBQ sauce, mushrooms, and hot peppers. Grab the Bull by the meat, because the Burger Load Steak Supreme won't be here much longer!

For more information on the GAKAF program, contact Miranda Bellhue at PROGRAM TERMINATED.

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