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Bendees play testing notice filed by Kurt Sykes.

Good morning, all. Here is a brief summary of the Bendees playtesting results for Patooey Toys.

A group of 12 subjects between the ages of four and fourteen were gathered. In addition to group play and a Q&A period, one child representative of each group was also selected for further testing on a one-on-one basis.

Subjects enjoyed the Bendees features, speaking positively of the main design of two bulbous heads connected by a bendable tail-like midsection. Bendees with more dissimilar heads proved most popular, such as “Bugs Prey”, the character with an exterminator head on one end and a cockroach head on the other.

Male subjects uniformly stuck to playing with the “Bendees Boyz”, appearing to enjoy the gross-out factor. Female subjects primarily played with the “Bendees Babez” as expected, though there was some cross-over in their sub-group. Notably, girls who played with the grosser versions of the toy seemed disinterested in features such as combable hair and makeup that changes with water.

Younger subjects made the toys battle each other, especially their own second heads. Older subjects remarked that the toys would be “cool” to wrap around pencils or desks for decoration.

There were several hiccups in one on one testing, however, as summarized briefly below.

- Male subject aged five was selected for additional testing and questioning. Subject seemed to be very interested in the product and was asked for a variety of opinions on current and future Bendees. However, toward the end of the question period, subject attempted to swallow “Funny Stuff” clown figure.

- Female subject aged eight was selected for additional testing and questioning. Subject seemed largely disinterested on the product in general and was asked in-depth questions as to why this was and what could change her mind. Toward the end of the question period, subject forcibly rammed “Dream Delight” figure down her throat.

- Male subject aged thirteen was selected for additional testing and questioning. Subject seemed somewhat interested in the product and was asked what could be done to better engage an older demographic. Questioning concluded without incident. After subject departed, “King Konk” figure was noted to be missing. Subject had been unsupervised for a period of ten to thirty seconds before questioning.

We've been in touch with the final subject's legal guardians and will see what turns up.

These figures are bendable, naturally, but they're no different from any given toy on the market. All the same materials, etc. Not sure what the fixation seems to be, unless a prank was concocted by the subjects before arrival at our department.

Visitor Comments

So we put “Do Not Swallow” on the packaging, then. That's why they call me The Solver!

Who, specifically, calls you that? Consider it harmless curiosity.

Back on topic, King Konk turned up where we all would've expected. Not sure if we really want it back at this point, but it is a prototype so I suppose there's no choice.

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