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Crack'n Good Dog Treats taste testing notice filed by Neil Mackey.

The trial for Crack'n Good has concluded, and signs are very positive.

Canine test subjects were seperated into two groups. One group was given Crack'n Good, the other a basic store brand dog treat. Careful attention was paid to create equal groups including dogs of nearly identical sizes, from toy to large.

Most subjects given the store brand treat showed interest and received the treats favorably. A small number spat them out, though this may have been due to nervousness.

Subjects given Crack'n Good, however, ravenously devoured the treats and immediately begged for more. This behavior was unanimous across all subjects in this group. They displayed favorable signs such as begging, barking, and doing tricks for the product samples.

Several subjects even tackled or desperately snapped at interns handing out the treats. There was one unfortunate incident with an over-amorous sheepdog, but we're confidant that was not due to the treats themselves. The intern in question brushed off the incident, though they requested to leave testing.

Overall, a favorable outcome.

Two follow-up issues, however…

1 - There has been some concern over using “Crack” in the name, though of course this is not our field of expertise.

2 - We will need more samples. The test group that received store brand treats managed to get into the Crack'n Good crate and our supply of viable treats was greatly reduced.

Visitor Comments

Ah, that's why the others were calling her Mrs. Doolittle. Mystery solved.

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