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Crystal Clear Contact Lens testing notice filed by Neil Mackey.

Hi all, we've wrapped up testing of the Crystal Clear Contact Lenses and we've had mixed results. With a little more tweaking, this should be a viable product before we reach the deadline.

Here are some notes:

Test group subjects with various vision problems noted that their vision was greatly improved regardless of their personal malady. This shows that the patented “Chimera Crystals” do indeed react and adapt in the ways we theorized. Problems such as near-sightedness and even color blindless were improved if not completely fixed.

These same subjects noted that the lenses were both easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Our concern over the possible abrasive nature of the crystals seems to have been for naught. Subjects mentioned that they felt as if they were wearing no lenses at all, and those who had tried contact lenses in the past noted that this was a moderate to large step up from their usual products.

Now on to what we must improve.

In all study cases, crystals remained on the eye ball after removal of the prototypes. We're not sure why the product is losing integrity. It shouldn't be, since we cannot replicate this flaw outside of the actual human eye.

More concerning is the fact that the crystals self-replicate when detached from the lens, causing slow growth of mineral spires out of the ocular cavities and, in some cases, backward into the brain. These directions are not mutually exclusive, and multiple growths have been witnessed per subject.

This has mostly been restricted to interns who have volunteered and of course all subjects have signed the proper documentation. I know one of the first concerns expressed will be that of culpability.

Along with increasing lens stability, we've been working around the clock to figure out a method to reverse this issue before a fatality occurs.

Visitor Comments

It seems the results have been positive, save for that one kink.

Focus on perfecting the lenses and let medical take care of past subjects.

Well, to be honest medical can only physically remove the outcroppings… which will most likely continue to form. I have no problem working with their team to find a solution that would halt the effect.

Dr. Mackey, if you would, please allow medical to take care of the subjects until the lens is complete. Then we can discuss alotting time to backtrack.

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